Mindfulness is a profound tool used to change the culture of business, from the inside out.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace


Reduction in overall employee stress levels*


annual healthcare savings per employee*


You’ve probably heard about mindfulness in the workplace but you may be surprised to learn just how many businesses attribute positive workplace outcomes, to the mindfulness training being implemented at businesses all over the world.

From innovative technology enterprises like Google and Apple, to NFL teams like the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, to NBA Coach Phil Jackson and NBA teams like the New York Knicks. All of them recognize that incorporating mindfulness training is a key element that contributes to their success and organizational culture.

Even successful CEO’s like Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and Mark Bertolini of Aetna utilized mindfulness to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, and have since brought mindfulness to their employees; increasing job-satisfaction and profitability for all.


*As reported by Aetna after implementing company wide mindfulness resources.


We extend our services to businesses to help fund the work we do in schools.


Our Courses for Businesses



Mindfulness Fundamental offers a grounding in mindfulness life-skills. Participants will practice recognizing their own thoughts, emotions, senses, and impulses that make up their inner workings such that they can regulate them in the special way that mindfulness permits. This class provides simple exercises for daily use that become foundational life-skills. This workshop requires a minimum of 10 participants.

  • Location: On-site or Online

  • Duration: 6 weeks - 60 minutes per class

  • Cost: $120 per person


Introduction to Mindfulness is an in person course that explains the science behind mindfulness practices and the impact of stress on the mind and body. Participants will learn simple practices to deal with life’s challenges and how to utilize mindfulness resources to change their habits. This class offers both group and dydactic exercises so that participants learn to practice the basic skills and establish a lasting mindfulness practice during the session.

  • Location: On-site

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Cost: $500 per person up to 20 people; $20 per person thereafter.


The Half Day Mindfulness Training contains all of the information in the Introduction to Mindfulness workshop and dives deeper into communication skills and emotional intelligence. Participants will receive hands on practice during the class while learning the 9 key emotional intelligence competencies, including science of self-awareness and self regulation.

  • Location: On-site

  • Duration: Half Day

  • Cost: $850 per person up to 20 people - add $20 per person thereafter.


The Full Day Mindfulness Training contains all of the information in The Half Day Mindfulness Training and builds on a myriad of essential life skills. This course dives deeper into emotional intelligence, the science of self-compassion, empathy in leadership, and mindful communication. Participants will learn how to understand others, effectively handle difficult conversations, operate from a personal “zone of genius,” and use those skills to empower themselves in their relationships both at work and at home. This workshop is highly interactive and includes several opportunities for solo, group, and dyad practices.

  • Location: On-site

  • Duration: Full Day

  • Cost: $1,500 per person up to 20 people - add $20 per person thereafter.


Mindful Art Parties are not your typical “paint parties.” This class allows participants to experience both mindfulness and the power of creative thinking. Participants will learn to let go of expectation of outcome and step into the fun of the pure creative process! This course a business favorite and serves as a great thank you to employees, as an effective team-building activity that demonstrates how every person’s interpretation is 100% their own.

This is a great thank you to your employees, a fabulous team-building activity to effectively demonstrate how every person’s interpretation is 100% their own. It is also fun for small groups and families.

  • Location: On-site

  • Duration: Varies - typical time is 120 Minutes

  • Cost: $20 per person, per hour


Increased performance, enhanced focus, and improved teamwork are the byproducts of our training.

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Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Us


“We were fortunate to have Sunny and her team join our staff retreat session to share the healthy benefits of mindfulness with us! It was an informative experience, fun, and the perfect way to start our strategic planning meeting! Getting to our center and focusing on the present helped make our day even more productive.”


“The Vitalyst Health Foundation hired Mindfulness First to conduct an in-house training for our staff, and we found it to be a very helpful and rewarding experience. The instructor was both professional and engaging, and it was of real benefit to the staff who participated. I heartily recommend them.”


“The learning I received through Mindfulness First taught me about the brain and the way I think about student behavior. It taught me how to recognize when I need my own mindful minute as well as be able to offer that as a solution for my students. I owe many thanks to Sunny and the staff of Mindfulness First.”



Our Past Clients


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