Mindfulness is the active noticing of what’s happening inside and outside of your body.

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What is Mindfulness?

If you’ve seen the word “mindfulness” used a lot to describe various activities or philosophies and are still confused about its meaning, than look no further.

Our definition of mindfulness is based on Ellen Langer “active noticing.”

Mindfulness is noticing what’s happening inside and outside of your body, right now. It’s active noticing of your thoughts, emotions, impulses, senses and physical/mental impulses, so that you can sit in the driver’s seat of your own body/your own biology. In Mindfulness lessons we teach easy to follow exercises that help us to repeatedly notice our thoughts, emotions, feelings, senses and physical/mental impulses until we know them so well, we start to regulate them in the special way that mindfulness permits.


Your donation funds Mindfulness Based Social and Emotional Learning, MBSEL, the missing piece in education.

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Mindfulness Based Social & Emotional Learning (MBSEL)

Mindfulness Based Social and Emotional Learning, MBSEL, is the missing piece in education, it ensures that we educate the whole child. MBSEL is as important as any other subject taught in school, in fact it is foundational and will help children to be successful students. It teaches skills to improve stress management, emotional regulation, improve attention, focus and concentration, as well as foster emotional well-being and a more positive outlook.

Preliminary research indicates that cultivating these inner skills can improve interpersonal relationships, develop empathy, increase awareness of assumptions and biases, and help to nurture global stewardship. The intended purpose of providing mindfulness education in schools is to enhance inner resilience, self-awareness and self-regulation in students and staff, while creating safer, kinder, healthier, more supportive and productive schools and communities.

MBSEL helps children to become critical thinkers and helps them to reach their full potential. To learn more about how MBSEL addresses chronic stress in schools, download a PDF of our presentation at the Arizona Health Equity Conference.


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