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Why We Provide Mindfulness Training to Schools

Educating the next generation is a great and privileged responsibility; a role with the potential to provide exceptional fulfillment. However, due to the current state of many school systems and the lack of resources to adequately navigate life challenges, that potential is often replaced by less than favorable outcomes. While many external factors can be out of our control, we can help prevent and spot symptoms of trauma related to ACES, Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our trauma sensitive programming and approach, creates strong internal resources for well-being, stress-reduction, and resilience that transforms the classroom experience for both teachers and students.

The mindfulness we teach in schools are groups of lessons with easy to follow exercises introducing students and teachers to their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and impulses, both physical and mental. Our lessons are grounded in neuroscience and biology to help students fully understand how the exercises are working, as well as how to self regulate.



people die each year due to suicide. 1 every 40 seconds.*

35 MIL.

kids experience one or more types of trauma in the u.s.*


What we learn and how we learn it is paramount - it shapes our world.

Invest in a more hopeful and compassionate tomorrow.


Our Courses for Schools

Over the past 5 years, we’ve taught a Trauma-Informed, MBSEL, Mindfulness-Based Social and Emotional Learning curriculum in schools. In order to evaluate the sustainability and efficacy of our programs, we’ve worked in a limited number of schools with one big ongoing project at David Crockett Elementary School, in the BALSZ School District. This focus, supported by highly promising research, has allowed us to create a scientific based mindfulness curriculum designed to support the whole child. Our experience ultimately concluded that mindful teachers in fact create mindful classrooms.

By compiling our extensive knowledge and invaluable resources, we’re now able to offer schools an online program designed for teachers that is affordable, manageable, and sustainable. Schools have the flexibility to customize the training experience by choosing to have teachers enroll in the convenient online course or to also add the optional in-class modeling, where available.


Effective teachers are often lifelong learners. Continue your online education here.


Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Us


“We were fortunate to have Sunny and her team join our staff retreat session to share the healthy benefits of mindfulness with us! It was an informative experience, fun, and the perfect way to start our strategic planning meeting! Getting to our center and focusing on the present helped make our day even more productive.”


“The Vitalyst Health Foundation hired Mindfulness First to conduct an in-house training for our staff, and we found it to be a very helpful and rewarding experience. The instructor was both professional and engaging, and it was of real benefit to the staff who participated. I heartily recommend them.”


“The learning I received through Mindfulness First taught me about the brain and the way I think about student behavior. It taught me how to recognize when I need my own mindful minute as well as be able to offer that as a solution for my students. I owe many thanks to Sunny and the staff of Mindfulness First.”



Our Past Clients


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