Our impact is a direct result of the support we receive, from amazing people just like you.

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Transforming Communities and Classrooms.

We realize it’s easier to build resilient children, than to repair broken adults. The benefits of MBSEL, Mindfulness Based Social and Emotional Learning, ranges from improved emotional well being to increased cognitive performance which can lead to greater school engagement. Our trauma sensitive services and curriculums have a quick, significant impact that stretch far beyond the classroom, and into the communities where our students live.

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  • 5600+ People Served

  • 14.5K People Impacted

  • 26,000 Volunteer Hours

  • Multiple School Districts

  • New Online Courses

  • Improved Grades

  • Improved Attendance

  • Decreased Teacher Attrition

  • Decrease in Bullying

  • Increased Community Engagement

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  • 92% of Donations go to Programming

  • Average Donation: $100

  • Cost Per Student: $50

  • Cost Per Teacher: $500

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Building resilient children is easier than repairing broken adults. Donate to Mindfulness First and help turn today’s students into tomorrow’s mindful leaders. 


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