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Access. Behavior. Contribution.

The truth is, most people understand that organizations need to have a clear and relevant formula that drives focus and action in order for them to be successful in achieving their goals.

For us, Access, Behavior, and Contribution are the three components of our formula, that guide our work here at Mindfulness First. It’s this formula that allows us to remain positively impactful and sustainable not just in the interim, but in the long term as well.

Creating a sense of calm for communities and classrooms is more than just our byline, its our vision. The ABC’s of Mindfulness is the unique formula that we’ve developed to move our vision of positive community and classroom impact from idea to reality.

The ABC’s of mindfulness are helping us lead the way in turning today’s students into tomorrow’s mindful leaders.

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Mindfulness helps decrease violence, isolation, and biases.

Invest in a restorative culture of empathy and compassion.

 Group of diverse kids back turned arms around together



  • When both adults and children have access to MBSEL, Mindfulness Based Social and Emotional Learning, they develop a strong understanding of their own thoughts, feelings and impulses, and the direct result of this is a profound empathy and compassion for other humans. This is mindfulness in action.

  • When students and staff have access to MBSEL, scientific studies and our experience demonstrates that the result is a mindful culture. A culture that is restorative and not isolating.

  • When schools have access to MBSEL, they quickly see that if they measure their students on mental-health wellness FIRST, then the other metrics will fall into place.





  • Scientific studies show that MBSEL helps both the bully and the bullied; decreasing violence, isolation and biases.

  • By raising awareness, mobilizing, and influencing a culture that is restorative and not isolating in it’s behavioral changes, we are able to bring the necessary tools to school administrators, teachers, and students required for quantitative change.

  • A culture where biological and psychological awareness is prioritized, helps the nervous system be relaxed and calm. By dedicating time to this, we positively impact the social and emotional health of our society.





  • When you give to mindfulness first you invest in a more peaceful future for our children. Your generous donation will give more students and administrative staff access to the missing piece in education - MBSEL.

  • Together, we can change not only the culture and environment of schools, but we will give students and staff positive life-skills that will last for their lifetime, and ripple out into the greater society.

  • Your donation will help schools to enhance inner resilience, self-awareness and self-regulation in students and staff, while creating safer, kinder, healthier, more supportive and productive schools and communities.

  • Your contribution will help teachers experience less burn-out and give them essential tools needed to help us grow a strong generation of mindful leaders.


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