The Reality of Being a Teacher


Being a Teacher in America

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Since 2013, we’ve worked in the Arizona school system and the one thing that we see time and again, is that our teachers are in crisis. The stories we hear go beyond the often normalized pain points of long hours, meager paychecks, oversized classrooms, and unrealistic expectations placed on teachers. They are first hand accounts of stress, burnout, mental health issues, and suicidal teachers and they are not just unique to Arizona. Time Magazine recently published an article highlighting the stories of incredible teachers and the realities of being a teacher in the USA. Their stories, echo our own experiences and it’s hardly surprising that 25% of teacher positions remain unfilled in Arizona now.

Our Teachers Deserve Better

Our education system has to change and we’re working diligently to support that change from the inside out. Where there is a lack of outer resources (funding, supplies, support) we help teachers to turn inward, nurturing good and strong mental health with a variety of life-skills that promote resilience and self-regulation. Our goal is to support teachers as they ground education in social-emotional and mental-health wellness. Scientific studies and our experience demonstrate that when we prioritize the wellness of staff and students, the academic and cultural results we seek will naturally come. Our ultimate goal is that one day Mindfulness Based Social Emotional (MBSEL) learning will be a legislated standard and foundation for every school.

How You Can Help

As more and more teachers and schools are choosing to make this a priority, its the generosity of our Mindfulness First supporters like you that make our scholarship fund possible. Your donation provides scholarships for teachers to receive both personal and professional support from us and supplies them with the resources they need to teach MBSEL to their classroom and school.

Become an Agent of Change in Your Community

Sunny Wight