Mindfully Transitioning Our Courses Online


3 Reasons We’re Transitioning Our Courses Online

We all know that the school systems around our country are struggling, and if our experience has proven anything to us, it’s that Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning (MBSEL) is the missing piece in education. When you equip teachers and other members of the community with the tools they need to help children succeed, in school and out of school, you directly impact the arch of potential for each individual child. And that changes everything!


So, beginning January 2019 we’re rolling out our 16-week online training program: Foundations For Mindful Educators.* And we could not be any more excited about it! Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a caring member of the community who wants to make a real impact in your community, you can join our enrollment waitlist right now, by simply filling out the form below. Even if you don’t personally have an interest in taking this course, we have created a way for you to nominate teachers in your community, and even sponsor teachers who will most benefit from your generous donation, down below.

And so you can better understand why we think this is such a valuable training course for our communities, here are the three reasons we have worked so hard to bring this online program to light. 

Flexible Schedule

We know time is a precious commodity, especially for teachers (and parents) who juggle exceptionally busy workweeks. Our online program now allows teachers (and parents) to decide what they want to learn, and when they want to learn it, by choosing one of two course options:

  • A Personal Development lesson (around 20 minutes) or 

  • A Personal Development lesson and a Professional Development lesson (around 55 minutes)

Proven Teacher Resources

In spending our first five years developing and piloting our curriculum, we realized that access to resources largely contributed to the overall sustainability of our programs. That’s why every participant in our online training will receive lifelong access to our growing collection of resources, including:

  • Our 16-week written classroom curriculum

  • Our 16-week audio classroom curriculum

  • Videos with examples of Mindfulness First teaching each lesson

  • Our journal and activity pages, and 

  • Tools for each of the 16 weekly curriculum themes

Collaboration and Community

A key component in building mentally healthy schools is creating and fostering a sense of community through local collaboration. To support this, all of our course participants will be welcomed into a network where they can grow, learn, share experiences, and work towards a shared goal. This means that each participant will:

At Mindfulness First, our vision has always been to give our training services the platform they need to catalyze communities and to re-involve those communities into the school system. By moving our courses online, we take away  accessibility issues that have prevented members of our communities from participating in the past. By prioritizing social-emotional and mental-health wellness as a community, we have the ability to make a measurable impact in the lives of our children, and the trajectory of their futures. 

Become an Agent of Change in your Community

*CEU’s are available for ‘Foundations For Mindful Educators’ (hours TBD). ‘Foundations For Mindful Educators’ is a prerequisite for our follow up “deep-dive” course launch will also follow up training for our ‘Foundations’ graduates will soon be launched for curriculum ‘deep-dives’ and continued growth and learning.

Sunny Wight