6 Mindfulness Apps You'll Want to Download

Whether you're new to mindfulness or have been working on your practice for years, you've probably noticed that the word "mindfulness" is popping up more and more in our world today... and for good reason! We've shared some of our favorite mindfulness apps on our App Resources page, but realize it can be a little overwhelming to figure out what tools work best for you. Here's a deeper dive into 6 mindful apps we love and what we find the most beneficial.*


Price: Freemium (Free with in-app purchase)

Why We Love Calm:

  • Helps you train your brain when your mind wanders into autopilot.

  • Includes 25 free mindfulness practices ranging from 3 to 30 minutes.

  • They offer free week long series for beginners, anxiety, and sleep

  • Over 100 free music tracks for focus, relaxation, or sleep.

  • Available for both android and iphone users.


Price: Freemium (Free with in-app purchase)

Why We Love Headspace:

  • Includes a free 10 part basic course ranging from 3 to 10 minutes.

  • They focus on breathing and teaching you how to scan your body to help you check in and understand how you feel.

  • Easy to follow and less jargon heavy

  • Works offline, which means it's great for stressful moments like flying or when traveling through areas with limited data (just be sure to save your favorites ahead of time).


Price: Freemium (Free with in-app purchase)

Why We Love Stop, Think, Breathe:

  • It's great for mindfulness newbies.

  • Makes you check in before your mindfulness session, not just after like some other apps.

  • Helps you take inventory of how you're feeling over time, identifies your most common emotions, teaches you different breathing techniques, and more.

  • They explain the neuroscience and physiology behind mindfulness.


Price: Freemium (Free with in-app purchase)

Why We Love Aura:

  • Accommodates your schedule and attention span ranging from 10 minute sessions all the way down to 30 second "Mindful Breathers."

  • Allows you track your progress, so if you're a newbie that's made mindfulness a daily goal, you may find you love this component.

  • Involves a more personalized, interactive experience and even allows for gratitude journaling.

  • Uses AI (or artificial intelligence) to learn from your sessions and customizes your future sessions... we're not really sure if we love that one or not, but we do appreciate the helpful mindfulness reminders to help ease our busy minds.

  • Includes a social media component and connects you to teachers and other members.


Price: Freemium (Free with in-app purchase)

Why We Love MindFi:

  • Includes 3 minutes sessions to help with focus and productivity

  • Encourages exploring mindfulness through an "informal practice" and helps you weave that into your daily routine.

  • Focuses on mindful activities such as mindful eating and allows you to map and see your own progress.

  • They've partnered with Duke-NUS Medical School to collaborate and develop their newest app functions based on Duke's neuroscience research.


Price: Freemium (Free with in-app purchase)

Why We Love Liberate:

  • Created by and for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

  • Empowers Black, Indigenous, and People of Color on their path to finding inner peace and collectively foster healing.

  • Includes topics around developing a sustainable practice, dealing with trauma surrounding race, and developing compassion.


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Sunny Wight