It's Arizona Gives Day! Here's The Life-Changing Impact Your Gift Provides...

Tuesday April 2nd is Arizona Gives Day; a day when Arizona comes together to donate online to their favorite causes. Mindfulness First has been participating since 2015, and each year our generous donors make it possible for us to continue to create impact in Arizona schools.

When we care for a child’s mental health and social-emotional wellbeing, we prepare them for life. There is so much that happens within the human body, including our emotions, feelings, thoughts, impulses and senses. Learning to manage our inner world is key to our happiness, health and wellbeing. At school, kids are expected to navigate academic pressures alongside a busy social settings; this is made all the more difficult if they do not have the knowledge and skills to help regulate their own complex biology.

Your donation to Mindfulness First will contribute to a scholarship for a classroom teacher to receive Personal and Professional Development training in Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning (MBSEL). In this training, teachers are taught how to understand their own inner world (we can’t teach what we don’t know!), and given lifelong access to all the tools and resources they need to provide MBSEL in their classroom.


Increasingly, mental health wellness is becoming a priority for Americans. And it is evident that mental health and social emotional wellbeing are the missing piece in education. Your donation will create classrooms where the difficulties of being human are understood and accepted; where children learn to sit in the drivers seat of their own biology. Scientific studies and our experience show that MBSEL in schools reduces bullying, violence, isolation and addiction while increasing empathy, compassion, grades and attendance. MBSEL in schools creates a restorative and kind culture. MBSEL nurtures well adjusted, caring global citizens.

Thank you for helping us to provide the missing piece in education! Arizona Gives Day donations can be scheduled here, and we thank you so much for investing in our impactful work.

Mindfulness First have been serving Arizona schools since 2013, working in numerous districts and schools including CCUSD, Balsz, Roosevelt, Basis, Caurus Academy, Foothills Academy, Fowler, and Madison. Schools trained in MBSEL see drastically reduced suspensions and office reports, increased grades and attendance and an overall shift in school culture, with increased happiness reported from students and staff. Mindfulness First are often hired to help provide life-skills for high-trauma populations. Learn more at

Sunny Wight