The Agents of Change Spotlight: Angie Cooper

We are proud that October’s Agent of Change Spotlight is on our very own Angie Cooper! Angie is an experienced Social Worker with a strong background in trauma. At our October Community Circle gathering, Angie is going to talk with us about the biology of trauma and how mindfulness can help manage trauma. Our October Community Circle will be held on Thursday October 10th, 6pm via Zoom.

Angie obtained both her bachelors and masters in Social Work from Ohio University. After joining a yoga studio, Angie began to recognize the positive impact of mindfulness in her life. Eager to heal her own invisible wounds and manage the stressors of a career in social work, Angie turned to mindfulness to create new possibilities in her own life. Angie has a strong background as a trauma therapist for children and families throughout Arizona. She also has experience helping agencies become more trauma focused. Angie strongly believes that practicing mindfulness in schools can help both children and their families to address difficult issues both at school and at home.

Angie has been a friend of Mindfulness First for a few years, and in 2018 she began training with us to become one of our teachers. She has worked with us at Simi’s Elementary in Phoenix. After moving to Michigan with her husband’s job, Angie became one of our trainers for our online program. Angie has championed our work at Sunland Elementary School in the Roosevelt District. Angie has plans to teach MBSEL in schools in her new town, and just founded her own LLC “Mindfulness Matters”.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Come and learn and chat with Angie on October 10th, via Zoom online, at 6pm Arizona Time.

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Angie Cooper

Angie Cooper

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