Mindful Ambassador Program. Become The Heartbeat of Mindfulness First.

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Ambassador Program


Mindfulness First Ambassadors are any members of the public who share our online classes with their friends, family, and colleagues. As a Mindfulness First Ambassador, you’ll receive approximately $25 per referral by using the unique Ambassador Code assigned to you.*

By becoming a Mindfulness First Ambassador, you become the heartbeat of our organization, helping refer others to experience the benefits of mindfulness in personal and professional practice. You become the stone in the lake, creating ripples that touch everything, and we want to be able to say “thank you” with a financial commission for your referral.

*Mindfulness First Ambassadors will receive a 4.1% commission of earnings from all sales using the their Ambassador Code. For example, if your friend enrolls in our Foundations Training for Mindful Educators course at $616, you’ll receive a commission of $25.25 (4.1%).


To become a Mindfulness First Ambassador, simply follow the following steps. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

Step 1: Login or sign up for a Teachable account

Step 2: If you signed up for a new account, look for your confirmation email and be sure to “Confirm Email” button.

Step 3: Apply for our Ambassador Program.


As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ambassador attribution work?

A cookie is created in a user’s browser whenever they land on the Mindfulness First Teachable account with your affiliate code attached to the URL. Any purchase the user makes on the Mindfulness First Teachable account during the cookie period will be attributed to you, and you will receive the set commission of the sales price.

When will I get paid?

Because Mindfulness First is using a mixed payment gateway, the schedule for payouts may differ based on the student’s payment method. Payouts on the Monthly Payment Gateway take place approximately 30 days after the end of the sales month.

How does payment work for reoccurring courses?

If a student you refer purchases a course that is billed monthly (i.e. Community Circle) using your affiliate code, you will receive your commission every month the student has an active subscription.

Can I generate an ambassador link for third-party sites?

You can generate affiliate links for third-party sites, but only if the external affiliate URL generator has been enabled by the school owner.


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